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Forever Young is pleased to announce that we are introducing Organique, a pioneer in natural cosmetics in Poland, to our spa! This  innovative firm came into being in June of 2000, when Tomasz Czarski, founder, owner and president, began by producing his own glycerin soaps.  As he began introducing and promoting his product to these Polish “soaperies”, the firm gradually expanded, as well as the range produced.

We want our clients to feel beautiful and happy, that’s why we bring you the best of the best. For more than 14 years, Organique have been creating natural, healthy and eco-friendly cosmetics for care of face, body and hair, as well as bath and aromatherapy products. Besides a high degree of effectiveness, their products offer incredible fragrances, bringing ultimate pleasure in every use; making using it, its very own ritual.

“We are passionate about creating products inspired by nature and acting on the senses. Valuing quality of life, we show how simple activities can be turned into exceptional rituals. Combining tradition with modernity, we help live a healthier and more beautiful life.”
            - Creator and president Tomasz Czarski
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